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About Us

Brand Story

Our journey began in 1942, as a small shop in Dindigul, with a dream to craft some of the finest pieces of gold and silver jewellery.

Over the years, we mastered the craft of jewellery making and became a household name, with fine jewellery that was handed down through generations. For eight decades, our craft evolved with time and trends. From the years of knowing and growing with our clients, we understood their changing needs.

The brand Ivanah was conceived to create a difference and cater to patrons of silver who seek elegance, style, and versatility in jewellery. Crafted for the woman of substance, who shines every day in whatever she does. Because nothing else shines like silver.

Our Mission

Ivanah’s mission is to redefine the silver jewellery buying experience by making it completely effortless, whether it’s in-store or online. Inspired by its parent brand, which has set a benchmark in customer relations for over 80 years, Ivanah aims to create strong relationships with every one of its valued customers. Being one of the few silver jewellery brands that service online customers, Ivanah’s goal is to increase its base and grow from strength to strength.

Our Vision

Ivanah’s vision is to elevate the elegance and functionality of silver jewellery, making it a wardrobe must-have, crafted to perfection for today’s women. With a wide range of designs, the brand wants to give a new perspective to silver by creating unique pieces of jewellery that suit every occasion and every woman. To do this, the brand intends to expand its presence rapidly, by launching 15 franchise stores over the next three years.


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