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Metal Colour

Minimalist Stud

Rs. 420.00

Starfish Stud

Rs. 600.00

Pearl Beauty

Rs. 650.00

The Moon and Stars

Rs. 650.00

Minimalistic Stud

Rs. 660.00

MOP Studs

Rs. 660.00

Minimalist Stud

Rs. 720.00

Trillium Stud

Rs. 720.00

Swarovski Blooms

Rs. 780.00

Hearty Hoops

Rs. 850.00

Lime Wheels

Rs. 918.00

Christmas Tree

Rs. 1,050.00

Simple Drops

Rs. 1,280.00

Emerald Elegance

Rs. 1,540.00

Stars Lined-up

Rs. 1,580.00

Little Glimpse

Rs. 1,902.00

Oxidised Stud

Rs. 1,906.00

Radiant Stars

Rs. 1,913.00

Ambuja Earrings

Rs. 2,009.00

Pear Drop Studs

Rs. 2,170.00

Neeraja Drops

Rs. 2,312.00

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